Online casino bonuses: different types and advantages

Online casino bonuses: different types and advantages

Online casino is an entertainment that allows you to enjoy the excitement and passion of the game at any time and place, find real excitement and get gratifying winnings. To make the game even more exciting, most online casino platforms offer their players various bonuses and beneficial additional options – risk-free spins of slot machines, cashback bonus, registration bonus and others. If you are not sure which casino’s conditions will be more favorable for you, familiarize yourself with the main advantages of different types of casino bonuses and find out what bonuses are currently offered by Latvian casinos at!

Dating bonus for a successful start

When registering at an online casino, new players mostly receive a start or familiarization bonus, which allows not only to try different games, but also to learn the game technique without losing money. The introductory bonus can be free spins or cashback, but the possibilities of this casino bonus are different – it depends on the rules of the particular site.

This category also includes casino bonuses without deposit – a special type of bonus. Some online casinos give new players a certain amount of money that can be used for games without paying an additional amount to the casino. Similar to other bonuses, it is designed to familiarize the player with the particular platform and choose it as their permanent entertainment site. True, no-deposit casino bonuses are often offered with strict terms of use – if you play using this extra, you will not be able to withdraw the winnings until you have exceeded a certain amount.

Please note that you will be able to receive the dating bonus only after all the steps required for registration have been completed and the registration has been approved. In order to receive a bonus in a Latvian online casino, it may also be necessary to make a small cash deposit, which you can later use for games. This is necessary because Latvian legislation prohibits playing gambling games for free. In this case, a deposit bonus is created – you will receive the prize after you have deposited a certain amount.

Free spins increase the chance of winning

Free spins

Free or risk-free spins can be awarded to both new and regular players. With their help, you can try different types of slot machines, deciding which of them is interesting for you, and they also allow you to test new casino games without worrying, without investing additional money. What’s more, some online casinos offer to receive free spins during the game as well, thus allowing you to perform more maneuvers and increasing your chances of winning.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the free spins bonus. Spins can be used in a specific game, they may not have a limit, they may be subject to a certain time limit, some slot machines may not support them, but in some cases they are intended only to familiarize yourself with the particular game, but limit your chances of winning.

Get back part of the money you paid

A favorite among players is the cashback bonus, an option that allows you to get back part of the money you have deposited, regardless of the outcome of the game. This online casino bonus works both as a promotion and a consolation prize at the same time – if you win, the amount obtained increases slightly, if you lose – you still get a small reward for the game played. The amount of this bonus varies with each online casino platform, but it is usually around one to four percent of the total amount invested in bets. The method of refund can also be different – there are casinos where the money is recovered virtually, that is, it can then be used in other games, but there are sites that pay out the recovered funds as a very real amount of money, using a bank transfer or virtual wallets, for example CashU or cryptocurrency wallet.

Rewards for regular players

Rewards for regular players

A certain category of the bonus system in every online casino is also intended for regular players. For this purpose, loyalty programs may be offered that include several types of bonuses, such as free spins bundled with free cash and the like. There can also be several categories within the loyalty program – there are players who have been playing at the same casino for months and even years, accumulating points and thus increasing their player status. When a certain total of points is accumulated, the player’s status increases and he receives new prizes again.

If you have not yet decided which online casino to choose, be sure to explore not only how diverse the site’s game offer is, but also what casino bonuses are for new and regular players. Properly chosen casino bonuses will have many advantages – they can be both excellent start-up capital for beginners and pleasant encouragement and even a useful helper for veterans of the game!

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