Odds Matcher tool

Odds Matcher tool

The Odds Matcher tool in the Profit Maximiser service is the same as it was in the Bonus Bagging service. You’ll even be taken to the Bonus Bagging page if you want to use it.

This tool automatically displays and ranks events according to a scale of points, which is the percentage profit of each bet you place. Currently, this list only includes football and horse racing bets, but if you want more sports, you can use the tool above.

Filtering of events is possible only by the name of the Totaliaztor and the highest or lowest odds.

Clicking on the “Info” button next to each event will open a calculator that will be configured accordingly for the specific event. Here you will be able to see how big bets should be made in the totalizator and the Betfair sports exchange in order to get the maximum profit.

In early October 2017, Mike Cruikshank released an update to the Odds Matcher tool that allows users to bet on the Betfair sports exchange directly from the Profit Maximiser home page. This update makes betting much more convenient.

Profit Maximiser Calculator

Profit Maximiser Calculator

There are two ways you can access the arbitrage rate calculator. The first is through the “tools” section in the fast menu. When you go through this path, a simple calculator will open that will allow you to calculate the bets you need to make in the sports bookmaker and Betfair sports exchange in order to make a profit from arbitrage bets.

The second way to open the calculator is through the Odds Matcher tool. Clicking on any sporting event will open a calculator that will look slightly different from the other, but its capabilities are practically the same.

Calendar of daily offers

The Daily Deals Calendar is a very useful tool on the ProfitMaximiser.co.uk website. It shows the sportsbook and casino recurring bonus offers for that day. New bonuses are added to this list every day, so this is a very good way to earn extra money. Each offer has its own page that explains all the details of the offer and provides a link to the Facebook group post. This is very good, because if you have any doubts, you can ask your questions to people who have already used this offer.

You can filter these offers by risk level and sports or casino offers. It is also possible to view the calendar in month view instead of day view.

Profit Maximiser customer service quality

customer service quality

Mike Cruikshank promises lifetime customer support via email, but the reality is that it’s much faster and more convenient to ask your questions in a Facebook group with knowledgeable and experienced users. The Facebook group consists of users who are happy to help other users who have just started using the Profit Maximiser system. Group members also share their successes and big wins. For example, in April 2015, a user won a mind-boggling £597,136,92, from just a 20 pence spin on the Chests of Plenty casino game, this lucky person hit the jackpot! In 2016, a lucky winner won over £200,000 on the Double Bubble slot while completing one of the bonuses offered by Profit Maximiser. Although such big wins are rare, they also give all other users hope that they will one day make the lucky spin of the casino wheel.

The Profit Maximiser Facebook group is private and once you have subscribed to this service you will need to email support@profitmaximiser.co.uk to receive an invite.


The Profit Maximiser service offers a great closed Facebook group where users help each other find new sports betting and casino offers every day, as well as answer unclear questions. It is because of this community that the Profit Maximiser service is so popular. But the service itself could be better, as the available tools are imperfect. If you want better tools, you have to pay extra for each one. If Profit Maximiser included some of the paid tools, it could become the best sportsbook and casino arbitrage service in the world.

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